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Monthly Plans

*All packages are listed at starting prices. Services can be added to any package, based on the needs of the client, at an additional charge as agreed upon between the client and Accubalance Bookkeeping Services.

** If you prefer to use Zero Online or Wave Online accounting software, we are able to support both.

*** A transaction is one check, credit card charge, one invoice or one cash expense.

If a monthly package does not suit your needs, we can create a custom package for you or our hourly bookkeeping rates are available at $50 per hour.

Payroll and 1099 Processing

Payroll Processing:


              - Processing payroll for your employees - may be paid by check or direct deposit

              - Processing your payroll tax deposits monthly/quarterly/yearly

              - Preparing your payroll tax forms (941, 940, State Withholding, State Unemployment)

              - W-2's for all employees 

              - Preparation of W-3


              -TBD based on number of employees and direct deposit needs

1099 Preperation:


              - Preparing and sending Form 1099-Misc to each of your eligible vebdors

              - Preapring and filing Form 1096 with the Department of the Treasury


             - $75 plus $10 per 1099-Misc (up to 25 vendors)

             - $100 plus $10 per 1099-Misc (up to 50 vendors) 

             - $150 plus $10 per 1099-Misc (up to 100 vendors)

Quickbooks Software Set-Up



              - Setting Up Chart of Accounts

              - Editing Quickbooks preferences to suit your company's needs

              - Creation of customized templates using company logo

              - Setting up vendors, clients and employees

              - Setting up Items and Classes, if needed


             - $400

Additional Services

Get Organized Package:


              - Setting up your Quickbooks file 

              - Matching bills and invoices

              - Entering all transactions into Quickbooks 

              - Bank and credit card reconciliation

              - Financial Statement Preperation


             - $35 per hour 

Quickbooks Software:

        As a Certified Quickbooks Pro Advidor, we are able to offer discounts to our clients on Quickbooks

        Software and Services. For more information, please contact us.

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